A downloadable game for Windows

Bloxy is a 2D puzzle platformer made by @AnasMations!

the game was completely made under 24 hours by Anas Ahmed for GameZanga 8

try the game in your browser from here https://gamejolt.com/games/bloxy/362841


wasd or arrow keys to move W or Up to jump

drag and drop colored objects to solve puzzles

don't drag colored objects towards dark background 


Bloxy.rar 11 MB


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Nice concept, very clever puzzles could be polished into a greate puzzle game.

physics are glitchy and makes me rage but it's a jam build. looking forward to see how this would come


very nice its a bit similar to my game  

its a game that make you think outside the box

yeah i tried it and it's kinda similar!

Nice game. The graphics are awesome.!

 It needs a restart button. 

thank you so much for the feedback! ^-^

unfortunately i didn't have time to make a restart button but i will consider it next time! 

Good Game